JMA since founding his first company back in the 60s of last century, has been able to sustain growth in its core business, with a vision and values that have been adapted to the requirements of every moment, in terms of products, building systems, business lines, etc.

Our mission goes beyond the purely economic aspects, since we look for the integration of social, human and organizational aspects, combining performance with vision and commitment with intiative, so that it allows each of our employees and colaborators to take part actively in the regional, national and international develoments of JMA.

Globalization and economic world crisis through that we are living, they allow us to be able to exportto any part of the world our technology and Know How.

We are sure we can contribute added value in the constructiono of housings with industrializated systems, prefabricated.

JMA_systems_ 01_07_2014_001Our intention is to introduce them to the business JMA formed with the mission of carrying out projects of internationalization in the construction sector and within it, with high expertise in residential buildings with social character.

JMA propose an “industrial model” specially designed to tackle any project of building high volume of housings, able to develop in a short period of time, with high quality and cost balance adjusted using economy of scale.

The use of “industrial model” provides a tool to solve the housing deficit high experienced by many emerging markets, providing results in the creation of wealth and benefits in the three carriers in underpinning the sustainable development of all regions, “social”, “political” and “economic” “JMA” offers different action ways and solutions to suit the needs of each market, with the goals planned of growth and the ability to predict or even the progress of each environment.JMA_systems_ 01_07_2014

About us

JMA is a compendium of companies with extensive experience in the industrial construction sector, for to the internationalization of our technology, knowledge, products and experience and capabilities joining forces and creating synergies in markets.

JMA_systems_ 01_07_2014_004Considered as the main asset your team human, multidisciplinary teams composed offering real estate services tailored to the needs of each client, from the feasibility study and conceptual idea to the delivery of a turnkey product.

Put into operation innovative construction techniques, building design and research on the process of industrialization of construction and all with the aim of offering a competitive price, quality and high speed execution.

We do

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  • We define and plan products, means and resources according to the needs of our customers.
  • Conducted economic analysis and possible alternatives to ensure the viability and success of the project.
  • Collaborate in making decisions with our customers by providing alternatives solutions, optimizing the resources, asset financing and coordination of the various equipment and means necessary.
  • We develop the drafting of technical projects required for implementation.
  • We complete the construction of buildings committed to the cost, delivery times and guarantee the highest quality backed by our technical certificates issued by prestigious organizations building and quality
  • We deliver our products optimized for the use and / or exploitation has the least possible impact on maintenance costs and / or operating costs.

Work Areas and Lines of Business

CONSULTING / ENGINEERINGJMA_systems_ 01_07_2014_007

  • Studies of costs and economic viability
  • Urban Planning
  • Preliminary Development and Basic Projects: Designed to be performed by the JMA Building System
  • Writing Project Execution / Industrialization. Contain Building System technology, with the Building Book.
  • Writing Project Facility and calculation of structures.
  • Project & Construction Management. Including Comprehensive Project Management, Construction Management and Control plans, monitoring and assurance to ensure the success of the projects, as required.

JMA_systems_ 01_07_2014_008CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONS

  • Industrialized housing. High-rise buildings and houses..
  • Use Buildings Doctacional: Hotels, Ooffices, Prisons, Multipurpose Halls, Sports.
  • Prefabricated Structures for large buildings and civil works..
  • Architectural Facades. All kind of finishes on facades.
  • Environmental Works. Retaining walls, system against corrosion, gardens and sustainable solutions for the recovery and protection of natural areas.
  • Acoustic:: New breakthrough in acoustic absorption. Aesthetic response, economic and effective way to control noise and improve sound quality in a building..
  • Wide range of products for construction: Flooring, finish off items, procurement of limestone and derivatives, hollow core slabs.

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