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ImMODO Renta Sol SL is a renewable energy and engineering company specialised in photovoltaic solar plants, building plant engineering and the study and implementation of a comprehensive range of energy efficiency solutions.

The ImMODO Group consists of a hub of companies within the renewable energy sector. As well as operating in Spain, we now have a presence in several other countries.

Renta Sol´s main activities are:



We are experts in the implementation of solar photovoltaic plants for electricity production. This energy can be used for self-supply or to be sold to the grid by taking advantage of special feed-in tariffs.

Solar photovoltaic energy has great advantages: the sun is free; it is the cleanest electrical energy source and it can be generated in a decentralised way in areas where needed.

We perform all types of photovoltaic projects: small power supplies of a few kilowatts for domestic or on industrial building rooftops, for self-supply or to sell to the grid, in addition to large ground-mounted power farms.


An autonomous system is capable of producing all the electrical energy to meet the building´s needs. An isolated system is similar to an autonomous one; however, there are no possibilities of connecting to the grid. At present it is already more economic to generate and to consume our own electricity due to the recent reduction in the cost of the installation´s equipment.

We can design systems which combine a broad range of options: photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and cogeneration units. We can consume the produced electricity and use the heat for serving domestic hot water and heating needs. These sorts of systems include energy storage systems by means of batteries, charge controllers and inverters to enable the use of AC equipment.

Autonomous system in “El Tolmo” – Minateda (Spain)



Rentasol works in the designing and planning of mechanical equipment (air conditioning, plumbing, etc.) and of electrical installations in all sorts of buildings and civil works. We advise our clients on subcontractors and equipment selection and manage the construction of such projects.

We place great emphasise on Energy Efficiency in our designs in order to make remarkable savings in the buildings´ running costs, which benefit our clients and allow their buildings to be sustainable in the long term.

Complete Ingeneering for Hotel in Murcia (Spain)


Immodo Renta Sol Ltd. has developed the Solar Energy Efficiency System (SEES) to convert solar energy into an available water supply for many uses, including agricultural and livestock uses and drinking water.

The SEES is an electronic control system which optimizes energy from solar panels to adapt it to a water pump either for abstraction to a reservoir or for direct irrigation. The system adapts to environmental conditions, favoring the maximum availability of water at every moment, including times or days of reduced solar radiation.

Other uses of the SEES are custom designed. We have the necessary expertise to develop the control of irrigation sectors, water pressure and flows and water supply to osmosis plants etc. An individual study for each installation will be necessary to determine its best possible application.

The SEES has been developed to be versatile in that it controls perfectly the water pumps regardless of their power:

1-Water abstraction installations and medium power water pumps (up to 100 CV)

Example of Implementation: Direct drip irrigation with a 5CV pump. Water depth up to 30 m, height supplied by the pump 60m, and irrigation flow of up to 10,000 l/h. A solar installation of 7.75 KWp is used which will supply 1,200 hours of irrigation under these conditions in a zone of medium/high solar radiation.

Example of Implementation: Abstraction to reservoir with a 30 CV pump. Water depth of 50m. A solar installation of 30 KWp is used which will supply 85,000 m3 of water in the reservoir in a zone of medium/high solar radiation.

2-Water abstraction installations and high power water pumps (several hundred CV), with a guaranteed water pump electrical capacity.

These systems allow the combination of solar energy from the solar system (as well as from other renewable sources) with conventional energy sources, such as the electricity network or diesel generators. The energy which supplies the motor is stable, and therefore the pump works at nominal capacity. The system guarantees 100% maximization of the renewable energy, simply taking a complement of the energy necessary at each moment from conventional sources, thus reducing conventional energy bills.

The SEES has other applications, such as the supply of drinking water for human consumption (osmosis) as well as its use for liquid pumps in general.