(Company of Agriculture and Development)

Leading and parent company of the LIVESTOCK, AGRICULTURE AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORTE GROUP. It was created inside Quabit Engineering and Construction as an independent division for agriculture and development.

It is structured within this corporate group to COORDINATE, plan, develop, manage and supervise all the engineering works, certification of all the works proper to its role in agriculture and industrial development, as well as the execution of the assigned projects.

A company that manages and runs the industrial sites built, such as slaughterhouses, meat-processing industries, egg packaging and grading centres, tomato concentrate plants, phytosanitary products companies, feed mills, animal health laboratories, incubators, breeding rooms for grandparent and parent stock of broilers and laying hens, corn dryers, logistics centres and cold stores for storage, distribution and transportation of food, and many others which encompass the whole agro-food industry.

It has the support of the whole range of Spanish food companies, through agreements, exclusive contracts, shared assignment of patents, brands, etc. These companies will make available to us their know how, their experience, their patents, their managers and their business structure in order to implement, develop, consolidate and guarantee the success, over time, of all the built companies.

These companies will be directly responsible for the training of the local management, in Spain (as a previous learning) or in the country where are the works, once all the works of the granted project have been executed and certified.

In order to achieve efficiency and capacity of resolution this macro company is structured in each of the divisions which are so far necessary; one division for each sector, with a clear and direct EXECUTIVE role.

From each division we will sign the contracts, agreements, assignment of patents and technology transfers needed for each activity and sector, when the right time comes, according to the assigned projects.


Agriculture in general, crops, phytosanitary products, seeds, fertilisers, companies supplying irrigation components, agricultural machinery, spare parts, mechanical workshops, hydraulic infrastructures, service roads, etc.


Livestock in general, broilers, eggs, veterinary pharmaceutical products, fish farms, feeds and concentrates for animal feed, vitamin supplements, etc.


Industry in general, slaughterhouses, meat-processing industries, cold stores, feed mills, tomato concentrate plants, logistics centres for egg grading and packaging and corn dryers.