Logo Nicopharm 1024x1024NICO PHARM (Company of pharmacology and health).

A company created to provide, supply and equip with enough and necessary drugs and medicines to meet the most imperative needs in the health sector.

A company registered in the Spanish Agency for Medical Products as a broker in the export of medicines and hospital supplies for the African continent in general.

We operate in close cooperation and connection with the laboratories and the Spanish and European pharmaceutical industry to satisfy the demand for first quality medicines.

We guarantee the supply of the essential medicines recommended by the WHO, as well as any other drug requested, according to demand and needs.

We are structured in different sections in order to meet the health expectations of any country. We have a team of doctors who provide advice in their respective specialty and pathologies, as well as epidemiologists and experts in any infectious and contagious disease to promote and implement a general comprehensive health plan to reach the whole population.

We have technical staff specialised in the management and direction of hospitals. Private Spanish companies with a large experience in the management and direction of hospitals and health centres in Spain cooperate in this task.

Experience and technology at the service of any country to increase the health standards so they can be equated with those of Spain and Europe as a whole.

We can and we want to develop their logistics and medicines distribution centres, and also to build those centres, hospital complexes and pharmaceutical laboratories – as a faithful replica of the European ones – in each country, according to their needs.

We develop and execute any Health Plan, however complex and ambitious it might be, in each country, according to health emergencies and the existing diseases.

We provide and equip with all the essential health supplies, surgery instruments, first-class hospital machines and tools, and equipment for diagnosis and treatment of any pathology and disease, with the highest standards of technological quality.